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Snow Removal

Snow Removal Services. Minneapolis, MN

Snow Plowing Services Minneapolis, MN

Like most people, the thought of going out at any given time to remove snow seems dreadful. Whether it is an inch or 10 inches look no further! We can help you or your loved one remove the snow for you.  


Snow Plowing  Services

Our snow removal service offers a convenient, low cost solution to your every day snow removal needs.

Fj Lawn Care provides premium snow plowing and snow blowing services for residential and commercial customers.  We use professional grade plow cutting blades to ensure a clean finish to your driveway or parking lot.  

For commercial customers, we will make sure the snow is removed at specified snow accumulations through out the snow storm for the safety of your customers. You will receive peace of mind knowing that you now have a reliable and insured snow removal company caring for your property.


Snow Services for Brooklyn Center, MN

Residential Snow Removal Services Brooklyn Center, MN

Residential Snow Removal Services

Our snow removal response times are some of the best in the twin cities for our customers.  We utilize an adequate amount of man power to have your property cleaned up with a reasonable amount of time after a snow storm.

  •  Our crews use one and two stage snow blowers and  shovels on  sidewalks and some  driveways  to ensure  the snow is completely  removed. 
  •  Shovel off all steps, sidewalks, and driveways.
  •  Remove snow plow ‘snow pack’ from sidewalks and  driveways.
  •  Salt or de-icer to all walk ways including driveway.
  •  Special requests  for early morning ‘dig outs’ before  rush hour commute.
  •  Snow plowing service for residential driveways and commercial parking  lots.


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Minneapolis Snow Removal