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On December 3rd, 2015, Crew Leader Jim Thiewes and shoveler Ben Burk were awarded the Chiefs Commendation for rescuing and assisting emergency responders of one of Fj Lawn Care’s valued customers. Below is an account of what happened that night:

On January 9, 2015 at 2:52 a.m., On a blustery cold winter night with -10 windchill, Crew Leader, Jim Thiewes and shoveler, Ben Burk of Fj Lawn Care & Snow Removal were plowing driveways on the 6000 block of Ensign Ave North in New Hope when they heard a woman in a garage yelling for help.

Not knowing at first if this was their customer, and with it very dark, and blinds in window slightly messed up, their first thought was an actual home invasion was taking place, and the possibility of perpetrators in the home. So, right away Jim called 911.

Once rescue was called in, Fj’s crew sprung into action, they quietly went up to the garage door and scraped a couple times by the door to get a response and the scraping was met with a moan for help. Crew Identified customer and she said front was unlocked, so Jim worked his way inside, while Ben awaited emergency responders.

Once inside, Crew Leader JimĀ  found customer laying face down on garage floor and he asked how long she had been down, which she replied, a couple hours. He could tell she was fading, and he reassured her help was on the way, and shortly there after officers and medics arrived, and as follows, the Chiefs report; to find a 59-year-old female laying inside her garage on the floor.

She had apparently been laying there since 2 o’clock the day before. She was transported to the hospital and has since made a full recovery. For their quick reaction and willingness to help, they are awarded the New Hope Police Chief’s Citizen Commendation.

New Hope Police Chief, Timothy Fournier.

Jim Thiewes & Ben Burke
Jim Thiewes Accepting Commendation Award
Ben Burke receiving award

Jim Thiewes New Hope Police Commendation

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