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Mole Control Fridley, MN

Setting up Mole traps. Fridley, MN

Fj Lawn Care specializes in Mole Control (baiting and trapping).  We service Minneapolis, St. Paul and Metro area.  We hold the required licensing and insurance to ensure a professional job is completed.  Let Fj Lawn and Pest put our sixteen years of Mole Control experience to work for you! Seasonal contracts are the best way to go with Mole Control. Give us a call or email us for a free estimate.  Reclaim your yard today!

Mole Trapping is an effective way to Control Moles

Moles can cause tremendous amounts of damage to your lawn and will often times leave you frustrated and irritated at the same time. The tunneling left by these animals can kill a once beautiful lawn or garden. There are two species of Moles in MN. The Eastern Mole and Star nosed Mole. The Eastern Mole referred to as the common Mole or Grey Mole is the most common around the Twin cities.

Mole Biology and Characteristics

Mole Trapping Minneapolis, MN

Success! Trapped Mole. Mole Control. Minneapolis, MN

  • Moles live a subterranean life or underground.
  • Body is cylindrically shaped with soft fur for easy movement through the tunnels.
  • Small eyes, however, through evolution are fused shut.
  • Moles can weigh anywhere between three to seven ounces and six to eight inches in length.
  • Large Front feet and claws for digging
  • Moles are Insectivores, not rodents.
  • The Mole diet consists of earthworms, grubs, and insects.
  • A Mole must eat every few hours to sustain a high metabolism.
  • Moles use the surface tunneling as foraging tunnels and deeper tunnels as main runways.
  • Moles do not hibernate
  • Moles can dig up to 18 feet of tunnel per hour

Mole Damage

Mole Trapping

Yard in Need of Mole Trapping. Blaine, MN

Shallow forage tunnels can ruin a yard, causing damage to grass and plants. Even though Mole activity happens year round, we tend to see more damage in Spring and Fall do to breeding, cooler temperatures and moist soil.     

The longer Moles are allowed to tunnel and reproduce, the greater the numbers become and more difficult to control.  Home remedies are claimed to work, but most only spread the population elsewhere, to your neighbor!   Mole Trapping, although lethal, eliminates the animal from your property, decreasing the chance of them breeding.

Have you ever tried to mow the grass and all of a sudden it feels like your mower landed in quick sand, and have no idea why your lawn all of a sudden became so soft? Or ever see lines of dead grass along your walk way and through out your yard?  You most likely have Moles! If given the chance they will destroy a once beautiful lawn in search of food.

Other Pests

Mole Control

Mole Control. Minneapolis, MN

  • Gophers- Herbivores (plant eaters) that can up root turf lawns and farm/crop land and can be very destructive. Notice mounds of dirt that are numerously piled about the area? Try mowing with these mounds in the way? If gone uncontrolled, these animals can destroy acres upon acres of land as they multiply.


  • Voles-  Voles are also Herbivores that surface tunnel through out the yard, constantly feeding and breeding. There may also be chewed vegetation not too far from these tunnels.  They’ve also been known to occupy old mole tunnels.  These can be very destructive for turf lawns as well.