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Lawn Maintenance Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is a crucial part of any lawn care program.  Generally, most people, not in the lawn care industry, think of  lawn maintenance as simply mowing the lawn and putting down some fertilzer.  It’s much more involved than this, however. 

Lawn maintenance includes four key processes to maintain a healthy, thriving lawn and they are fertilization, proper lawn mowing, core aeration, over seeding, and weed control.  With  proper lawn maintenance year after year, your lawn will become healthier by creating deeper roots, thicker grass which will be able to retain moisture, control weeds by holding herbicides longer, fight disease and the lawn will look easthetically pleasing.       

Lawn Maintenance usually involves three to five fertilizings per season, two weed control sprays, one core aeration, and one over seeding  and lawn mowing done on a weekly basis.  The following are the break down of our lawn maintenance service:



Lawn Fertilizing Minneapolis, MN

Lawn Fertilization Minneapolis, MN

Fj Lawn Care offers fertilization programs that range from low maintenance (3 applications) to high maintenance (5 applications).  Low maintenance applications would be applied in Spring, Summer and Fall.  Add fourth for late Fall.  Add fifth for second summer application.  Our trained technicians can help you on making the right decision based on condition of your lawn and what you are looking to achieve.

It is recommended, however, for minimal care, that a lawn have at least three applications (pre emergent Herbicide for Crabgrass), fertilization (weed and feed for dadelions) in late June and one application of regular fertilizer in Fall along with  core aeration and over seeding as part of your (Fall maintenance). 




Core Aeration Minneapolis

Core Aeration Minneapolis, MN

Core Aeration

Lawns benefit from having a core aeration at least once a year, even better twice a year.  Our technicians will analyze the condition of your lawn, and overall health to determine the best course of action with aerating.  Severe Lawn conditions should have at least two aerations and over seeding per season for the first two to three years and one annually there after.  

Over Seeding

Over seeding is always good for the lawn.  Grasses do die off over so many years, so it’s always good to introduce new grass.  Lawns should have reseeding to stay healthy and thick.  Over seeding is done by spreading grass seed through out the lawn with a spreader.  This process is normally done with Fall maintenance with cooler temps.,  and after the yard is aerated.  The holes and cores of soil created will help bed the seed down.         



Weed Control Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Weed Control

Weed Control

Weed control is a big part of lawn maintenance.  Even though, over years of fertilization, aeration, and over seeding,  weed seeds will still get into our lawns and even though the lawn is thicker, and deeper rooted, will still be subject to weed germination, but will not be as severe as would with a thin lawn. Remember this, the thicker the lawn the longer you’ll go without weeds. 

Pre emergent herbicide application (Spring fertilization)

Preemergent herbicide put down in Spring is one of the most important herbicide applications on controlling weeds.  Preemergents actually kill the seeds and have a three to four month residual often protecting your lawn for most of the summer. 

Post emergent herbicide application, Weed and Feed (Summer fertilization) 

With the application of pre emergent applied in the Spring, we will also put down a post emergent herbicide application in June for those weeds that came through.  This application is combined with your second fertilization application.  

Spot herbicide spray and blanket herbicide spray 

Usually done two times per season, spot spraying will kill your common lawn weeds like dandelions, clover and plantain.  The herbicide sprays on the market today have faster kill rate and will knock down weeds faster.  Spot and blanket spraying  is something more commonly down on thinner lawns do to thigher growth rate of weeds.  Over years of proper lawn maintenance and thicker grass the volume of spraying will decrease. 


Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Minneapolis, MN

Lawn Mowing Minneapolis, MN

Fj Lawn Care provides weekly lawn mowing which includes the mowing, trimming and blowing.  Lawn mowing is a very important part of lawn maintenance.  With our lawns having cool season grasses it’s very important to protect the roots from the stress of heat and sun in the summer months.  The grass should only have 1/3 of the blade cut for proper growth and kept 3 to 3 1/2″ to help keep weeds out and shade the roots.  Also,  having the deeper roots with good maintenance will help it thrive in high traffic areas and low moisture in drought conditions.