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Core Aeration Minneapolis, MN

Fj Lawn Care offers full service lawn aeration at an affordable price. We use commercial grade core aerating machines that provides precision soil plugging.

Core aeration is one of the most beneficial treatments one can give their yard. Aerating in combination with our fertilizing programs will give you optimal results. These results are often seen in a short period of time with a somewhat healthy lawn and two to three years in a poor conditioned lawn.



The Core Aeration Process

Core aeration is a process by which cores or plugs of soil, normally 2″ in length and 1″ thick, are removed from your lawn using what is called an aerator machine. This machine has what are called tines or metal tubes that when moved forward will pull out these cores of soil creating a hole and will leave the core of soil lay on the grass.

Benefits of Core Aeration

Core Aeration Crystal, MN

There are so many benefits from aerating your yard from the holes created to the plugs lying on the grass. 

The cores or plugs of soil left behind on your grass have many benefits to your lawn.  These soil plugs  when broken down release thousands of beneficial micro organisms that will digest thatch and will break down in to the soil, basically compost.

This in process in itself creates added macro nutrients called Nitrates (natural  fertilizer) which will feed your grass. Soon after the lawn is aerated, white actively growing roots will appear in these created holes. This is a great sign that grass roots are responding to the oxygen, water and nutrients. These holes essentially create deeper root growth as a result, and as the roots spread into these voids, you create a thicker lawn.

Recap of core aeration benefits:

Improved water, fertilizer, air and nutrient intake
Deeper root development Soil structure improvement
Reduction of Thatch Reduction of water run off
Thicker healthier lawn

Soil Compaction

Core Aeration New Brighton, MN

Soil compaction can be a damaging to your lawn creating shallow root growth, creating a weaker turf. Aeration will loosen up the lawns top two inches keeping the roots deep and healthy. Frequent foot traffic and lawn mowing can cause compaction.

A study from the lawn institute estimates that over two thirds of lawns grow on compacted soils. Compaction can cause grass to thin, discolor and show signs of stress from high temps. Any of these can make it susceptible to disease and damage from insects.  walking, moving and playing can cause traffic compaction. Rain and irrigation can also compact soil.


Screw Driver Test

Core Aeration Golden Valley, MN

Test for compaction by pushing a screw driver into the soil. If the screw driver goes in a couple of inches, your soil is compacted and definitely needs to be aerated. If the screw driver goes in all the way or several inches, then you have fairly loose soil, but would still benefit with an aeration to keep it this way.

Maintenance and Aerating

It’s beneficial to aerate at least once a year, better twice a year.  Along with fertilizing and keeping the grass cut at 2 1/2″  and 1″ of water a week, your lawn will be very, very thick and healthy over a couple years.  Once a lawn develops that deep, thick  root system, it will have a much easier time taking care of itself.  If you would like us aerate your lawn, the Fall is best.  Pick a program that works for you.


Seeding and aerating go hand in hand to create the thicker yard. It is the perfect time to apply seed now that you have the holes and soil plugs from aeration. Not only does the hole create the perfect bed for the seed to germinate, but the soil plugs also act as a top coat for the seed as the core breaks down, helping establish the seed. If you decide to seed, make sure you do it when you aerate!

Core Aeration Minneapolis, MN

Seed comes in blends, and depending what your looking for in your lawn, will determine what kind of blend you have. Most northern climate lawns use more Blue grass than anything, but most blends will use Rye Grasses and Fescues, and if you’re lucky, no weed grass.

Our premium seed has zero weed grass, and we do use a greater percentage of Rye and Kentucky Blue grass. The nice thing about Blue grass I love is that it spreads and gets thicker in time with aerating. Look at this example of a my yard below to see just how thick Blue grass can get:

Let me just say that, this grass above, three years prior didn’t exist in my front yard.  I had no water pressure, so I couldn’t water the grass.

It wasn’t until 2007, when I fixed the water pressure, I started watering regularly and started my simple maintenance program, which included aerating, seeding, and fertilizing every fall, on top of correctly mowing my grass at no less than 2 1/2″. This grass above is the result, in three years. It really is a wonderful thing to have.


Call today for your free estimate on  aerating and seeding for a thicker, greener, healthier lawn!

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