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Jim ThiewesTechnician/Owner


Minnesota Department of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Applicator

  • License#20133397 – Expiration 12/31/2018
  • Categories A, E, P
  • Certification – Expiration 12/31/2018
Owner Jim Thiewes

Owner Jim Thiewes

Minnesota Department of Agriculture Fertilizer Applicator

  • License#20133666
  • Expiration 12/31/2016

Mole and Gopher Control (trapping)

  • 20 years mole / gopher baiting / trapping



Fj Lawn Care is a fast growing company based out of Minneapolis, MN.  We are committed to providing quality care through professional workmanship, customer service, and professional appearance.  We use professional grade equipment and products to ensure a beautiful finish to your lawn when completed.   

Our services include  mowing, (which includes mow, trim, and blow), lawn maintenance, which consists of (core aeration, fertilization, over seeding), Spring clean up, Fall clean up, edging, shrub trimming, mulching, roto-tilling, gutter cleaning, snow removal, grub control, mole control, gopher control.  Generally speaking, we provide pretty much anything you need done.


Lawn Care Estimate Minneapolis, MN

Lawn Care Estimate Minneapolis, MN

 So, what is Feldjagers? Feldjagers is Prussian for field hunters.  See, in the beginning, the primary focus was pest control service, but soon developed into lawn care service with the licensing for pesticides restricted to turf and ornamental applications.  As far as the name Feldjagers, Jim was looking for something fun and different from what other companies were using, something that stands out from the rest. 

Now, with the growth of the business, we decided to switch the name to Fj Lawn Care, much easier for our customers to remember and less complicated, but we will always keep Feldjagers in the embodiment of the title and company. 



Minnesota Licensing:

The commercial applicator license is required by all persons applying pesticides for hire.  Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the governing body that over sees the requirements for commercial applicators makes sure that each technician is qualified through testing, and on going training to be licensed.

Currently, we are licensed for commercial applicator category A (Core), E (Turf and Ornamental), P (Pocket Gophers).  This license allows our company to apply herbicides and pesticides out doors, in turf settings, such as grass on residential and commercial properties, fields, such as (baiting for gophers, moles, mice, rats, ants, grubs, wasps, hornets, etc.), gardens for insects, slugs, and trees for various insects.  This license does give us a wide range of control for our customers.  As far as the commercial non agricultural fertilizer license, this gives the company as a whole the ability to legally apply our fertilizer applications to both residential and commercial properties as needed.

See, with our company you are getting the full package and we can do everything you need done and don’t have to worry about having all your different lawn services pieced out to other companies.  We encourage you to utilize our services!   


We make sure that all the appropriate business insurances are available, to protect you, our customer and to protect our employee’s and our business. Our listed insurances are as follows:

  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Commercial Liability