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Our goal is to help you resolve your   lawn care needs. Promoting health and beauty for your grass will give you the peace of mind and satisfaction you deserve. We are your first call for quality lawn care service! Our Lawn Mowing includes Mowing of the entire lawn, Trimming around all edging, structures , Blowing off of all  hard surfaces, driveway and sidewalks. We’ll give you a fresh, professional cut each and every week.  Let us help!  Fj Lawn Care offers a fertilization and weed control program that best fits your needs.  Providing your lawn with top name brand fertilizers and herbicides giving you great looking lawn all season long.      
About Fj Lawn Care Lawn Mowing Fertilization and Weed Control

Fj Lawn Care offers lawn maintenance services, such as Core Aeration, Fertilization, and Weed Control.  These processes are key to maintaining a vital, healthy lawn.                

Core Aeration

Core Aeration has many benefits for your lawn from allowing direct route for oxygen and moisture to the roots to creating deeper root growth.

Core Aeration. Minneapolis, MN

Core Aeration. Minneapolis, MN


Fertilization feeds your lawn with much need nutrients such as Nitrates which gives you that vibrant color that lasts all season long.



Lawn Fertilization.  Crystal, MN

Lawn Fertilization. Crystal, MN

Weed Control

Through our weed control program, we can control the weeds that otherwise rob your lawn of much needed moisture and curbside appeal.



Weed Control. Robbinsdale, MN

Weed Control. Robbinsdale, MN





"I highly recommend using Fj Lawn Care. I have used them for both lawn mowing and snow removal for the last year...."

Lawn Mowing and Snow Removal - Minneapolis, MN

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